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Get Started with Doing Workouts Without the Overwhelm!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Figuring out how to do gym workouts can sometimes feel overwhelming. There is so much information out there with friends, relatives, the internet and gym employees giving you a lot of information and opinions. Keeping it simple and realistic is the key to being successful. Even working out for a half hour working different muscle groups can be beneficial to body and mind. Doing the exercise breathing with correct timing along with aerobic exercise in between machines can be particularly beneficial. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Choose a gym - ideally one close by which has the features you want (and are willing to pay for).

  2. Schedule a tour and ask the gym employee about the layout of machines that workout certain muscle groups such as chest, arms, legs and abdomen. Some gyms have a set up for a 30 minute workout that includes 20 machines and steps to do aerobic exercises in between the machines. This keeps it simple and is a good way to get started or back to the gym.

  3. Set up your workout schedule - 2-4 times per week is a good start. Do the exercises in the best way for strength building. When pushing against (or pulling) the actual weight, count for 2 seconds while breathing out. When letting the weight back down or back to the starting position, resist for a count of 3 while breathing in. For example, when using a squat machine, when pushing the weight with your feet, count 2 seconds breathing out (this can be a forceful breath) and when letting the weight back down, count 3 seconds while breathing in (controlled). Try not to let the weight actually settle - keep the resistance.

  4. In between the machines, use steps for aerobic-type exercises or for stretching, lunges, burpees or balance exercises. Take about 30-60 seconds in between each exercise for rest. Your done! Go enjoy the rest of your day feeling invigorated :)


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