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Spend time in Nature

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Recently, I found myself living in a city for a time. While I enjoyed the activity, excitement and easy access to just about anything I wanted, I found myself craving time out in nature. Luckily, there was a park nearby that was very large and had a lot of different aspects to explore.

Even in an urban environment, there are at least small areas of nature - where there are trees, birds sing, and sometimes a bench to sit upon and take a moment to just breath. These small moments bring one back into balance and appreciation for the natural world despite the business and noise that abounds.

When you can, get out into areas where you can hike, spend time in and around natural water, enjoy the forest and observe animals. It will bring you peace and allow your mind and body to get much needed rest from the constant noise and stimulation that is so pervasive in many of your lives.


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